Other Voices

Blogs from my colleagues in Writing Outside the Sermon:

Allons-y Ma Mère by Anne
Blowing on the Embers by Cody Raak
Catch! by Jay Leadley
FootNotes by Stephen Shaffer
Forsythia Root by Grace Claus
just a little sip o’blog by Amy Blackledge
Life in Slow Motion by J Kreuze
Living as Apprentices
Living, Hunting, & Praying in the Woods by Mike Metten
offbalance simplicity by Tim Nelson
Pilgrimage Through the Saga by R Garret Szantner
Reflections of a Realist by Daniel Unekis
The Modern Monk
The Open Road by DJ Noorman
The Pastoral Grind by Dan De Graff
Thoughts On Hand by Elsie
Through the Looking Glass by Jonathon VanderWall
To the Pointe by Rob
Uncommon Conformity by Paul Towne

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